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Welcome to the internets finest selection of custom drivers. When you go to course for a round of eighteen, do you find yourself wondering how you can get more distance and accuracy off the tee? Something every golfer wants, right? Have you considered what a custom made driver can add to your game? Maybe it’s time you did!

Custom Drivers

Our goal at Better Built Golf Clubs is to help the average golfer get more enjoyment out of their golf game. Imagine a club that fits so comfortably in your hand! A club that requires very little effort in your set up and changes your swing from a forced chop to a smooth, effortless controlled glide! This is what custom made drivers help you achieve.

A custom made driver instills confidence on the tee box! The natural feeling of an effortless swing that pounds the ball straight down the fairway is an exhilarating feeling all golfers strive for!

How do we build a club that fits your needs? We start by providing you with a grip that naturally fits the measurement of your hand so you don’t have to grip the club tightly, you can use a light controlling grip pressure that allows your hands to swing through the ball. We will measure your stature and fit a club shaft to your exacting measurements with the proper shaft flex to maximize your swing power. We’ll make your club head out of the correct alloys with the proper face loft to fit your swing.

With a new custom made driver you’ll see the ball rocket off the tee and straight down the fairway! I know this will add not only enjoyment to your golf game, but when you see your scores going down you’ll also have something to brag about.

Please browse through all the variations and brands of custom made drivers we offer, I’m sure there is one that will fit your exact needs.


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