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Custom Measurements.
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Custom golf clubs should be comfortable and easy to swing, your measurements make it that way!

Measuring your height, wrist to floor and wrist to your longest fingertip on your dominant hand, ( right handed or left handed), ensures your clubs fit! This makes your stance and swing completely comfortable and effortless!

Properly fitting golf clubs ensure your elbows stay locked, you get that big shoulder turn and swing through the ball with the maximum amount of club shaft flex and club head speed!

You will notice on our club selection pages a chart with different club head degrees of loft. Drivers can be selected in all of the lofts listed, 9 degree giving the lowest ball flight, most distance and longest roll out. The higher the degree of loft the less the ball rolls when it lands, giving less distance higher trajectory shots off the tee!

The chart on our iron pages are standard through out our sets and is only an indication to you of the club face degree of loft. You see the degrees gets larger as the club number goes up. This is also true with our fairway woods and Hybrids.

Hybrids are intended to cover the lofts of a number of irons and the shape of the club head is a cross between a wood and an iron, if you buy irons you normally don't need Hybrids, and if you buy Hybrids you normally don't need a #3 or #4 iron.

Consideration should also be given to your shaft and flex selections.

Steel is stiffer than graphite and should be used if you have a harder swing with more speed, graphite is for the slower speed swing.



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