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Will Custom Made Golf Clubs Help Improve Your Game?

Custom fit golf clubs are as individual as the player himself, like a great fitting pair of shoes or good fitting clothes help you walk comfortably or look good custom made golf clubs help your game become comfortable!

When you buy clubs at a big box store you are buying clubs that are made to what is perceived to be the average size person, they are usable but have you ever wondered why you struggle with your game or feel uncomfortable when you address the ball? You know your swing mechanics are sound, so what could it be? One thing to remember is that a golf club is a tool for hitting the golf ball and just like any other tool you need the correct one to do the job properly. Body size and stature can affect which tools you choose. You maybe tall or short, you may have long legs or shorter arms, you may swing very fast and hard or slower and smoother. All of these things are considered when acquiring custom fit golf clubs.

How about your ball flight? You may hook from the tee or slice, your iron shots may fade or draw or you may be straight as a string! Custom made drivers or custom fit irons can help correct these things.

Measurements of your body size such as from your wrist to the ground, the inseam measurement of your leg, your height are used to determine the shaft length you need resulting in the final club length from grip to club head and are used for the fit of all your clubs. From your wrist to your longest fingertip determines the size of the grip you need. How hard and fast you swing determines if you should use steel or graphite, regular flex or stiff. Maybe you need the club face closed or open a little to help with your slice or hook!

All of these factors put together comprise the elements used to make your custom fit clubs. You will be amazed, once you get used to the difference in size, how much more comfortable you are playing your custom made clubs and how much fun it is to watch your scores go down towards par!

Custom made clubs are individual as the golfer they are made to fit! Custom made golf clubs will make your swing more comfortable and natural and will help improve your game!

About The Author
Barry and Teresa Braden, http://www.betterbuiltgolfclubs.com provide custom made golf clubs to the average golfer. You can contact us at
Support@bandtventures.com, lets discuss how we can help you with a set of
Quality custom fit golf clubs!

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