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Let's Talk Swing Basics

            Let’s talk about swing basics

  When we talk about the basics of the golf swing, we’re talking about what most new golfers are not taught in the beginning!  The mechanics of the golf swing can be broken down as follows- the grip, the setup, addressing the ball, the target line and the swing itself.

  Let’s start with the grip.  There are actually three styles of grip- the baseball grip, the overlap and the interlock.  The baseball grip is just what it sounds like, holding the golf club grip in your hand just as you would if you were holding a baseball bat.  The overlap grip has you placing the club in your left hand first-or right hand if you are left handed- and taking your other hand and overlapping your Pinkie finger over the index finger of your first hand.  The interlock grip is the same set up as the overlap except you interlock your Pinkie finger and index finger together.

  So let’s get started and see if we can explain this to you!  First take your left or right hand-depending on your dexterity-and lay the end of the club in the palm of your hand.  Wrap your fingers lightly around the club keeping the club grip in your fingertips.  Notice that there is a V shape made with your index finger and your thumb.  The point of this V should point directly to your opposite shoulder of your right or left hand.  Next, take your free hand and grip the club below the first hand.  Notice that the V shape made with the thumb and index finger of this hand points directly up that arm to that shoulder.  Now the decision is yours as to whether you want to use the baseball grip, the overlap or the interlock grip.  The grip you should use is the one that provides the most comfort with the club grip in your hand.

   I mentioned keeping the club that grip in your fingertips.  This light pressure provides you with better control of the golf club throughout your swing and a better feel of impact when you hit the golf ball.  This also prevents you from gripping the club so hard that you lose your control and feel for the golf ball.  Gripping the golf club too hard can cause you to slice or hook the ball because you tend to try and force the golf club to do what you think and feel it should do.

  The proper golf grip may be hard to visualize from this article, so check out this article with pictures at slideshare.com or is a PDF at scribd.com!  This series of articles on swing basics are all available at these web sites!

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